Make-Believe University
January 12th, 2009

Make-Believe University

I didn’t appreciate those buildings until I attended a university where everything was designed to look the same.

I’m still not sure what the connection between “slide projector” and “student services” was supposed to be.


  1. Katto

    I thought that was one of the neatest and most unique things about campus. ^_^ Though there were parts of the music building on the inside that just got WEIRD because of the structure….

  2. Sean Et Cetera

    It doesn’t matter, as they tore it down and moved to Conklin North (which is now, and I quote, Saddlemire Student Services at Conklin). The moving occurred during the summer of 2007, and the tear down at the end of the summer/beginning of fall. This was done to show that work was being done towards constructing the Wolfe Center for the Arts; it is now/still just an open field.

  3. Adam

    I got lost in the music building just about every time I went in there. I think the slide projector idea was that it is a too for helping the student learn and student services was a tool for helping the student as well. Wow, that was kind of a cheesy thought just there.

  4. admin

    Katto: I think that I was only in the music building a handful of times. Researching images for this comic made me wish I’d visited it more.

    Sean Et Cetera: I knew that they tore it down, but they kept the name? Seriously?

    Adam: The cheesiness of that thought is what makes me think that is exactly the logic they used.

  5. Bo

    I’m in that make-believe book-like building right now.

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