January 9th, 2009


That pond was filled in a few years later.
Sure, it was an ugly mess, but the pond was still more interesting than the painted rock next to it.

In conclusion, college campuses are weird places.


  1. Kim

    Yeah, they tore down that cool round building, too.

  2. sheryls

    i remember there was a muskrat in it. sarah and i would go out at night and watch him swim, and called him Bob the Pond Monster.

  3. admin

    Kim: Yeah, I’ve heard about that, but I haven’t been up there since they tore it down. Between living in Kreischer and being an art major, my first two years were spent almost exclusivly on that end of campus. I have a hard time imagine the area without Saddlemire (even though I’ve seen photos of the empty space).

    Sherlys: I remember the muskrat!

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