Rescue Archaeology
September 19th, 2011

Rescue Archaeology

As you might have gathered from last week’s strips, I’m in the process of moving. Rather than not update, I’ve decided to post some of the poems that eventually gave way to this comic.

The above poem is the namesake of this whole comic strip.


  1. Talcott

    Somehow my “Mark as Spam” button went crazy and marked Kim’s comment as spam. I’m glad I still have it in my email. Here’s what Kim said:

    “YES! I always like to know the history of things if possible, to glean further insights and add layers of meaning. And it goes without saying that I have a deep love of poetry, so today’s entry is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with your move! It makes my back ache just thinking about it…

    (How does one be an elf?)”

    Thank you, I’m glad you like it. And thanks for the wishes of luck!

    As far as being an elf goes, it has something to do with dragons.
    And dungeons.

  2. Kim

    How fitting. I’m sure there are people who find me just as annoying as spam – ha!

    If the book title had been “How to Be an Earth Mage” I would have realized the D&D connection.

    And since I’m already here in this reply box, today’s poem about Indianola and Arcadia Avenues prompted a million thoughts about certain places in my life. It’s always weird to stand and remember yourself as a child inside a building you still go to as an adult – especially when everything has been changed and re-arranged. Funny how I can remember the old layout of a grocery store so well, yet have no clue where they shelve the sloppy joe sauce now.

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