Harvey Pekar
July 14th, 2010

Harvey Pekar

Like most autobiographical cartoonists, Harvey Pekar was a major influence on my work. For someone who spent so much of his life in obscurity, it was good to see how many people were touched by his work. I knew that his passing would be noted in the comics community, but pretty much everyone I follow online had something to say about his work on Monday. The best article I read was by Noel Murray at The AV Club. If you have a second, I’d recommend you check it out.

In regards to my own memorial comic for today, I’d like to offer my apologies to R. Crumb, Gerry Shamray, Gary Drum, and Frank Stack for the mangling of their styles seen above.


  1. Bethia

    Did you read Anthony Bourdain’s tribute to Harvey Pekar?

  2. admin

    Wow. That was really good!

    This has been a very weird week for me in regards to Bourdain ;-)

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