May 17th, 2010


I think this is the first time I’ve ever drawn myself in shorts.


  1. Adam

    Man we’ve seen angry Talcott, shorts wearing Talcott, and naked Talcott. Who knew you were so versatile.

  2. Greg

    I am personally a big fan of Martian Talcott. Maintaining the same haircut no matter what planet he’s on.

  3. admin

    Adam: One day I hope to have as many variations of myself as there were variations of each Ninja Turtle figure.

    Greg: I don’t know if “unkempt” counts as a haircut ;-)

  4. abzme

    my favorite one yet.

    what is the martian saying? Is he speaking evlish?

  5. admin

    Nah, he’s just talking in standardized Martian squiggle.

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