May 25th, 2009


I’ve heard it said that most people cling to the music that was popular the year that they graduated from high school.

Well, here’s a list of the top singles of 1999.

1999 was an awful year for music. Will Smith’s “Wild, Wild West” may actually be the best song on the list.

Anyway, that’s just another reason why I’m glad that the closest thing I ever had to prom involved music by They Might Be Giants, Weird Al, Devo, and “The Time Warp.”


  1. carey

    that is the coolest thing EVER. it is exactly what i wished i could be doing on prom night.

    1999 was indeed a terrible year for pop music. i spent most of that year listening to fruvous instead.

  2. admin

    Yeah. 1999 for me was a lot of Früvous, BNL, TMBG, and also the year that I discovered Peter Mulvey.

    But the album that I most associate with my senior year of high school is the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack.

  3. Kim

    Boy bands – UGH. 1999 is the year my kid discovered music and her whole world revolved around CD release days. Unfortunately, I can sing just about every song on that list – even that misogynistic piece of crap, “Nookie.”

    I bought one CD for myself that year – Vertical Horizon.

    Every generation has its share of stupid music. “Kung Fu Fighting” anyone? I’m not clinging to that, but I still have all my Joni Mitchell albums.

  4. admin

    I dunno, if “Kung Fu Fighting” was on that list, it would probably be the best thing on there. ;-)

  5. Kim

    No way was “Kung Fu Fighting” the best song of 1974, even though it was a huge #1 hit for some unfathomable reason.

    Of course, most of the songs on that list are now elevator music. :D

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