Revision pt. 3
February 13th, 2009

Revision pt. 3

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Seriously, those glasses were huge.


  1. M Ward

    All this build up about the eyes had me thinking there would be more than just dots. ;)

  2. Timber Wolf

    I was Jealous of your glasses and I made our mother take me to get glasses. They said that I did not need them, and it made me sad. However the joke is on them now because I am blind as a bat when I do not have mine on. Ha ha Karmic Suckas!

  3. admin

    M Ward: I tried a few other styles, but they all looked really weird. The dots match how I draw myself without glasses, so they seem to be the most natural. They’ll seem less odd starting next week when I’m back to my normal glasses (even if I do other flashbacks to when I actually had the huge ones)

    Timber Wolf: Hehe, I don’t think I never knew about that. Even though I’ve never wanted contacts or surgery, I was always jealous of your ability to do things like see while swimming and wear a Halloween mask.

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