December 15th, 2008


Even I’ll admit that I seem to pick the weirdest things to be strongly opinionated about.

I know a lot of people really like the white lights, and while I can respect that, I really don’t understand it.

For me, the multi-colored lights evoke very specific feelings and memories because they’re really only out this time of year. White lights, on the other hand, you can find throughout the year. I’m fine with strands of just one color (I really like the way all blue and all green look) but all white just doesn’t do it for me.


  1. sheryls

    SPEAKING OF. i saw this at target on saturday. i lol’d.

    LITE BRITE FLAT SCREEN. no more crappy CRT lite brites for our kids, nope.

  2. JillMom

    Hey, Talcott! I am so with you on lights with lots of bright color. all white is so dull… my eyes always leap to the multicolored displays.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  3. Kim

    My equally opinionated husband would agree with this wholeheartedly. But you have to admit that some yard decorators have a “gift” for even making a color light display look dull and unexciting, especially if they use those net lights.

  4. admin

    Thanks everyone!

    Sheryls: Is it just me or is the flat-screen Lite-Brite the same size as the regular one? Maybe without the legs in the back?

    JillMom: Yeah, sometimes I don’t even notice the white lights. And Merry Christmas and New Year to you too!

    Kim: I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of the inflatable decorations. I’m yet to see an impressive yard display with all white lights though. They nets are interesting, but I always think that they’d be more interesting if they were multi-colored. Do they even make multi-colored nets?

  5. Kim

    Yes, the nets do come in multi-colored lights. I guess my biggest complaint with them is that many people just lay them on top of their shrubs like door mats. I’m sure there’s a trick to using them properly. If someone created some sort of modern yard sculpture with them I would probably think it super cool.

    One of the best displays of white lights I’ve ever seen: when icicle lights first came out, before everyone could afford them, it was really neat to see the State House draped with them all the way around, and every surrounding tree literally dripping with white lights. (Dick Celeste was governor then.) You have to use mass quantities of white lights to achieve stunning results, IMHO. Of course, it was probably the novelty of the icicle lights that made it impressive at the time.

    I don’t like those inflatable plastic things, either.

    One year my husband was all about rigging up the yard with blinking, flashing lights. None of the strings were synchronized – it was stupid crazy. One of our friends drove by with his kids, and the oldest boy, a cynical high-school freshman, told his little sister, “Don’t look! Don’t look at them! You’ll have a seizure!” Our yard was like a Lite-Brite short circuiting.

    I like the streets where every single house participates and puts out luminaries along the curb on Christmas Eve.

    Sorry for rambling.

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