October 10th, 2008


You all know who Peter Mulvey is, right?

There seems to be some law stating that, by the end of their third year, every television show must stage at least one (1) dramatic montage to “Hallelujah.”

I think that it was part of the same bill that requires all singer/songwriters to cover it at least once a year.

I suspect that these are enforced by a kind of reverse-royalty system. If you fail to record, broadcast, or perform “Hallelujah” within a given calender year you must pay a predetermined sum to Leonard Cohen and the estate of Jeff Buckley.


  1. carey

    you know, i have played “hallelujah” plenty, but i have never performed it, precisely because EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD does.

    i would love to hear peter do it, tho.

  2. admin

    Google to the rescue!

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