Getting Old
April 1st, 2011

Getting Old

Technically I have played a few XBox games, but it was mostly Scene It (with different controllers) and other people did the setup.

I’m also not quite sure how to write “XBox” (“X-Box?”), and I’m sure that’s driving someone nuts as they read this.


  1. Bethia

    Go go gadget gout leg! (sorry I couldn’t resist – it looks extra long).

  2. Kat

    ::clears throat and reports “seriously”:: As an employee of Gamestop, one usually refers to the system as an XBox, or XBox360… However, I personally like putting the – in there. >.> :-D Come an visit me at the E. Broad street store local if you want to swing in an say hi… I can recommend stuffs. ;-)

  3. Kim

    I may be the hundredth old person to tell you this, but you need to drink some black cherry juice to ease your painful gout attack.

    Unfortunately, I have no Xbox tips, except to say that it’s spelled with a lower case “b.” I used to think I could live my whole life without gaming skillz, but my aunt just e-mailed me some photos of the new Mercedes Benz SCL600 that you drive with a joystick. The future is now.

  4. Valcat

    I promise I will do everything in my power to educate (read: infect) you with video game knowledge. :D

  5. sheryls

    it’s okay talcott, i cant work an xbox either :D i think i played playstations too long and the buttons don’t make any sense. I really haven’t touched one since the original xbox, and the controllers were larger than my hands could hold :(

  6. Talcott

    Bethia: The gout has lead me to consider replacing all of my limbs with gadget-style robotic prostheses .

    Kat: I just might have to take you up on that. Thanks!

    Kim: Yep, I’ve been downing lots of black cherry juice. I usually don’t like the taste of cherry, but I do like the black cherry juice quite a bit.

    Val: You’ve got me using the xbox for Netflix. That’s a step.

    Sheryl: I never even spent much time with a Playstation. This is all pretty new to me.

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