October 20th, 2010


A couple of things occurred to me while drawing this comic:

1: George W. Bush is much easier to draw than Ronald Reagan.

2: I’ve been doing this comic long enough that the same event is in my archive as both a contemporary moment and remembered moment.


  1. Nick

    Impressive line-up of presidents! I saw the first George Bush on the campaign trail in 8th grade, and he had Gerald R. Ford with him. Saw Bill Clinton when he spoke at OSU’s graduation three years ago.

    I’ve always wanted to shake the President’s hand. My grandfather shook a couple Presidents’ hands (including JFK, I think), and he always spoke of it like a major event.

  2. admin

    Thanks! Yeah, I’d love to have that kind of contact with a president. Your mention of Ford made me realize that I should add Carter to my list. He wasn’t president during my lifetime, but he’s still a former president who I could potentially see/meet.

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