Dropped Off
September 1st, 2010

Dropped Off

That one moment feels much older than the rest of my college experience. In general, it amazes me that it’s already been eleven years since I started college. However, it also amazes me that it’s only been eleven years since I first lived on my own.


  1. Kim

    You’re certainly more sentimental about BG than my daughter is. Maybe she just needs another seven years to reflect on it…

  2. Lacy

    Holy Crap… has it really been that long?

  3. bo

    And that building is gone…

  4. admin

    Kim: To be fair, I’m more sentimental about most places than most people are ;-) Overall though, I do have fairly fond memories of BG. Then again, you might notice there are not many strips about Miami/Oxford.

    Lacy: Yeah, I know. Almost to the day.

    Bo: I still haven’t been back since it was demolished. Which, in a way, keeps it as real to me as any other building on campus.

  5. Kim

    Oh, they’ve torn down so many things, you wouldn’t even recognize the place now! But if you go to the BGSU website you can watch the progress on some of the new buildings via webcam.

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