August 18th, 2010


It looks like the color is here to stay (at least for now). I’m mentioned that I might bring it back at the end of my PechaKucha presentation, and apparently saying you might do something in front of hundreds of people is a strong motivator.


  1. Lacy

    Yaye castle building! I’m thinking of hauling mine out again soon to continue the Great Sorting so soon work on the castle of awesome can begin…

  2. admin

    Yeah, the sorting is most of what’s keeping me from building these days. I really should have a sorting party or something.

  3. Lacy

    That actually sounds really fun. Except I get all “No! Not there!” And then snatchy when someone tries to help me… :-( I think I have a Lego Problem…

  4. Greg

    I think after the sorting party should be a castle building party. It can either be a competition for best castle or one awesomely large castle.


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