AmeriFlora 92
July 30th, 2010

AmeriFlora 92

Sometimes I wonder if I would have been more or less interested in AmeriFlora ’92 if I were an adult at the time. Either way, I’m sure the dinosaur skeleton would have still been the highlight.

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    Kim: I like gardening, but living in an apartment I don’t do much of it. Then again, most of my interest in gardening is more vegetables than flowers, and I remember flowers being the focus of Ameriflora. I can’t say that it did much to foster an interest in dinosaurs, so much as it gave me a place to revel in that interest.

    Kat: I think visiting almost anywhere else as a kid would spoil you for AmeriFlora as a vacation ;-) I was there a lot because my best friend’s father was working there, but I imagine it would have been pretty dull as a vacation.

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