June 11th, 2010


That can of beans is older than my cats.
That can of beans would have just graduated from the fourth grade.
When I got that can of beans, we all thought that 2001 was going to be defined by the unusual number of shark attacks that summer.
Someday I hope to pass this can of beans on to my grandchildren.


  1. Katie

    Your baby’s a 3rd grader! I think you should make a sticker that says, “My can of beans is an honor student at xx Elementary School”

    Also, is that me wearing a mushroom shirt? I like.

  2. admin

    It is! I was going for a Mario-ish mushroom, but wound up with something a little more poisonous-looking than planned ;-)

  3. Kim

    Forget about kids and open the can, dump the contents, carefully wash it out so as not to damage the label, and use it to organize markers, pencils, and brushes. Even with its history and funny comic, it won’t mean as much to anyone else as it does to you. Unfortunately, I’ve thrown away enough of my late mother’s “treasures” to certify my claim as an authority on this issue.

    In response to your Twitter post about punch card computers in 2011: yes, that does seem like a weird prediction, especially since I learned how to be a data entry operator on a punch card machine way back in 1974.

  4. admin

    The fact that it’s an unopened can of bean, stored with the rest of my [much fresher] cans of beans, is a big part of the point. Realistically, it’s not going to go to my kids (and if it does, I’d be fine if they just tossed it once out of my sight), but an empty can isn’t as interesting to me as an old, full can.

    As for the punch cards, that’s what I thought. Given that the IBM PC was born on the same day I was, that seemed like an odd thing in to predict in 1985. Then again, this is not the most well thought-out book I’ve ever read.

  5. Adam

    In about ’93ish my mom brought home a box of Rice Krispies that came with a promotional box of marshmallows to make Rice Krispy treats with. My family has a theory that, like a liquid, marshmallows take the shape of their container. So inside the box would be cube shaped marshmallows. Though if we opened the box they would then take their natural shape. The box is still in our pantry unopened. It even made the move to the new house back in ’96. I say treat that can wit hthe love and respect it deserves.

  6. admin

    That’s awesome!
    Although, given that this whole thing started when we were living together, I’m beginning to sense a pattern.

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