Cat Person
June 9th, 2010

Cat Person

Zoe, from the little experience she’s had with it, really enjoys being outside. Jayne, on the other hand, hates it. He is not the bravest of cats.


  1. Katie

    We have a kitty leash if you wanna give it a try. Our kitties don’t like the outside.

  2. admin

    If I didn’t live in a series of alleys (which are gravely and I’m worried about broken glass), I’d be tempted to.

  3. bo

    My cat Switters, who is always watching the outdoors and vocally threatening the birds and squirrels, gets the howling fantods and completely freaks when I take him outside.

    Also, I like the new format.

  4. admin

    Jayne’s like that too. He’s a vicious killer, so long as he’s safely inside.


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