January 6th, 2010


It never fails to amaze me that the internet can provide me with reference photos for comics about my childhood.


  1. Katie

    It might sound weird, but I’m actually a quite jealous:
    - The only time I got to play with the hoop thing was in COSI’s Street of Yesteryear. I remember thinking how awesome it’d be if I had a bigger space to play that without other people being in my way.
    - I’m one of those rare children who never got legos and always wanted them.

  2. Kat

    Holy… well, you know, I probably saw your Dad a few times then when I was little, cause that was one of the places *my* Dad liked taking me and my brother when he’d visit. Very cool though. And I’m with Katie… I always wanted to try the hoop when I was little in a big enough space with no one to bother me.

  3. admin

    Adam: Yeah, that one did work a bit better.

    Kim: Depending on how old I was, I’d probably agree with that. It’s funny how my art and ambitions match what I wanted to do as a kid more than they match what I wanted to do as a younger adult.

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