December 14th, 2009


It was turkey and monterrey jack cheese. I also picked up a half-gallon of cider.

I can’t believe I remember this a decade later.


  1. Diana

    That’s a little bit of a haul on foot, isn’t it?

    …I hope you had a microfridge. :-D

  2. admin

    Google tells me it was about a mile. That’s maybe a 20min walk, if that. Hell, if I had a car it would’ve been almost that far to get to the end of the student parking lot.

    But, yes, I had a microfridge. I didn’t use it for much, but I had one ;-)

  3. Adam

    Not only would it be almost as far of a walk to get to the car you would have to practically drive past your dorm to get to the entrance of said parking lot. Ah lot 6 I’m so glad I never had to use you.

  4. admin

    Yeah. It was nice having friends with cars in order to get to Toledo, but I can’t imagine driving much more than that even if I’d had a car at the time.

  5. Sean Et Cetera

    I walked that during a winter break when I stayed on campus to work for the ol’ Rho Chi Chi; I recall it being dark, cold, and I had purchased more than I should have for the walk back; I recall one, if not two 12 packs of soda plus everything else.

  6. Lacy

    Finally catching up on comics again…
    It says something for both your cartooning and my memory that I can pick out everybody in that first panel, from the back, from years ago.

  7. admin

    Thanks! That means a lot, especially since I’m still learning to draw distinctive people.

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