Wisdom Teeth, part 2
July 29th, 2009

Wisdom Teeth, part 2

Part one is here

My best guess is that the nurse asked me something about comics in order to keep me calm/distracted while the anesthetic took effect. I’m not sure though.

The last clear thought that I remember before I went under was “Wow, it’s working.” As a follow-up to Monday’s comic, that would’ve made for a somewhat fitting last thought.


  1. Denise

    The last thing I remember before going under when I got mine out was telling the people in a panicked voice “I’m not asleep yet! Don’t start until I’m asleep!”

  2. admin

    I remember being worried about that when they first inserted the IV. I expected the classic gas mask, and this seemed like it would be too slow and gradual. Fortunately, I went under too fast to let the worry build up.

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