Warcraft, part two
July 17th, 2009

Warcraft, part two

[part one is here]

Virtual Talcott did kill many more monsters than real Talcott ever has.

While working on this strip, I realized that the zone I most missed was The Barrens. I’m aware that that could be considered a sign of insanity, but Crossroads feels more like “home” than anywhere else in the game (Thunder Bluff is a close second). I guess I did spend my formative levels there, so it makes some sense. The fact that I have nostalgic feelings for regions of Kalimdor says a lot about the game design. Or me. Or both.


  1. PBJay

    This is sweet… I played a small WoW-type game for about a year and enjoyed it for the same reasons. I loved exploring the world, but wasn’t as focused on doing the things that would help me get points/experience/etc.

  2. admin

    Same here. I mean, I got to level 80, mostly doing quests, but I found the idea of working as a part of a group to be too much of an obligation. I wish there were more options to advance just by being an explorer.

    There are also archaeologist NPCs. It would be even better if I could work with them ;-)

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