Zip Drive
June 26th, 2009

Zip Drive

Aparently I struck a nerve on Wednesday when I talked about zip drives.

As ephemeral as computer technology normally is, I feel like zip drives had an even briefer life-span. Did anyone use them other than college students in the late 90s/early 00s?


  1. Diana

    SNOOD!!! So everyone in the labs played Snood, then? ;-)

  2. admin

    Of course! Well, at least until the computers became clogged with all of the adware that came with Snood ;-)

  3. PBJay

    Haha, zip drives. I did an obsolete electronics purge recently and got rid of an old zip drive, which was bought as a back-up system for my machine. It was still in its plastic and everything, but by the time I got around to thinking about setting it up it was already useless. You have to be just the right age to even remember them!

  4. Sean Et Cetera

    Snood; it was good because it had different shapes, whereas other Bubble Bobble type games had different colors, and either the red & green or the yellow & green would look the same to me.

    Also, Zip drives are the devil!

  5. admin

    PBJay: Yeah. I mean, I remember when a computer with a 100mb hard drive was huge, so I can still feel excited about having that on a disc, but when my outdated iPod can hold as much as 40 of those (and my computer 800) they might be a little dated. The thing is, they also weren’t around long enough to breed much nostalgia. I’d love to have a dot-matrix printer again, but I can’t even think of novel uses for a zip drive.

    Sean Et Cetera: Wow, I never even thought about color-blindness in relation to Bubble Bobble.

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