Summer Projects
June 24th, 2009

Summer Projects

Here’s a video that was made that summer. (Thanks Diana!)

I’m not in the video for very long, but you can see me quickly walking in and out of the computer lab around 3:58. I’m in all black (of course) wearing the t-shirt with a saber tooth tiger skull on it (of course) and a pony tail (which I don’t tend to draw myself with, even though I had it through most of college).

It’s weird to realize how dated it is. I don’t remember the actual specs on the computers, but I know that the Macs were running OS 9, maybe even 7 or 8. Oh, and the computers all had zip drives, although I think that maybe five people on campus actually used zip discs.


  1. Diana

    By 2001, the Macs were running OS 9, I believe. They hadn’t upgraded the lab computers to OS X yet.

    When I first started really using the computer labs at BGSU in 1994 or 1995, I think they were running 7.5.1 on the pizza-box Macs. Good times.

    Oh, and I still have the dozen Zip disks I used at school — but I was a VCT student, with a fair amount of media to work on for class. Kind of funny, now — all those Zip disks would fit on a teeny thumb drive now, for the price of one of those damn 100MB disks.

  2. Nate

    OMG… all those CRT’s… *shudder* :D

  3. admin

    I don’t think that they upgraded the lab computers to OS X until after I left in 2003.

    I was in an odd spot with the Zip discs. When I was in computer animation, they were too small for me to store anything, and then I switched to creative writing, where a 3.5 floppy was more than enough space.

  4. Sean Et Cetera

    Don’t you worry; we still have all the zip disks that came with each Dell computer (two per!) and are saving them for when that medium comes back into style.

  5. Lacy

    I think I’m disturbed to realize I probably still have my zip drive somewhere…

  6. admin

    Okay, I hear you all loud and clear. Friday’s comic is going to be about zip drives!

    Nate: The newer computers in the student union had flat screens by ’03. Other than the Macs, I think that the in-dorm computers were all CRTs through then at least. It did not make moving them fun ;-)

    Sean Et Cetera: They’re hefty enough that you could probably make some neat art out of them. Or maybe build a small shack.

    Lacy: I bet half of the files are character sheet PDFs ;-)

  7. Lacy

    You’re prolly right ’bout that. And theme music. Must have theme music!

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