June 12th, 2009


The Oort Cloud

Some of you may notice that I’ve gone back to the brush pen (instead of the actual brush). I enjoyed working with the brush, and I think that it did help break me of my hatching habit, but I feel like my pen work is still much better. That said, there are still areas where I’ll probably use the brush instead. It’s just part of picking the best tool for the job.


  1. Diana

    OMFG. We must’ve gone to the same camp, years apart. It was 6th grade outdoor education for me. I’ve never heard of anyone else who knew what the Ort Report was.

  2. admin

    It would have been either Pilgrim Hills or Temple Hills. They were both church camps that were run by a company that did secular school stuff during the school year. I can’t find much googling it (although I didn’t try too hard ;-) but I know that there were beavers chewing pencils on their shirts.

  3. PBJay

    Hehe, I went to a camp once that did something like this.
    There was also lot of shame involved, though. The lectures we got when the bar graph went up…I even think there was some kind of consequence (no dessert?) when there was too much discarded food.

    I love your comics, btw! I happened upon them only recently and I love the short poetry-like qualities of the text and the slice-of-life angle. We grew up at about the same time and I can really relate to parts of your life…It’s funny how that works!

  4. admin

    It’s funny. The comics that I think are too specific and personal always seem to be the ones that the most people relate to ;-)

    I don’t think that there were any consequences for us, but I think there was some kind of reward.

    Also, thank you!

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