Comic Price Guide
May 1st, 2009

Comic Price Guide

I still have a bunch of early-mid 90s issues of Wizard at my parents’ house. It’s amazing to see how different the comics world was back then, even though it was only fifteen years ago. Most issues had maybe two pages devoted to anything other than Marvel/DC/Image superheros, and the early internet is barely mentioned at all.

It always makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be getting into comics today. The speculator and foil-cover driven market of the early 90s seemed like a golden age at the time (although some of that is probably only because that’s when I started reading comics) but looking back it all seems so homogeneous and market-driven.

I’m much happier with the way things are today, when anyone can get something online. It might not all be great, but a lot of it is. I can’t think of a time in history when I’d rather be a cartoonist. Given my tendency to focus on the past and future over the present, that really says a lot.

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