Kids in the Hall
January 16th, 2009

Kids in the Hall

There are many reasons why I got out of the dorms as soon as I could, but there is something to be said for living in the same building as a bunch of your good friends.


  1. dianaschnuth

    Hmm. I know the area of which you speak. I used to hold meetings with the Lab Coordinators in that same area (or one just like it). That *would* be a good, out-of-the-way place to game…

  2. Lacy

    Dude. And we were like, Right Next To Shadows, so we could snack-break so easily. *sigh* The happy days of Vampire and then Beast Wars in that hallspace. God I miss Gaming. And I particularly miss gaming with all you guys…

  3. carey

    oh, i so have you beat, because my hip college hangout was the music building, and we would hang out there all night poking around in closets and singing like pepperpots and generally being idiots. i miss that very much.

  4. admin

    dianaschnuth: I remember occasionally having to wait for the lab meeting to finish before we could play (this would’ve been my first year, before I was on a lab team). It was great because it was out of the way, but because of Shadows, there was also a lot of traffic. We got some great looks ;-)

    Lacy: I still miss Shadows food sometimes. Even though, in retrospect, it wasn’t even good so far as junk food goes. We should work out some kind of reunion game this year.

    Carey: That sounds kinda awesome. I love academic buildings after hours. We also used to do a lot of gaming in the Education building (I’m still not sure why) and it was great to pretty much have the entire place to ourselves. Even if most of what we did was sit around a table and roll some dice.

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