December 24th, 2008


The Sears catalog is more iconic, but I remember the JCPenney catalog having better toys.


  1. sheryls

    i can read most of it :D YES I TRIED SAVING IT AND ZOOMING IN. NO IT DIDNT HELP. >.< it’s more fun fillling in the words i cant make out. hey! i said make out. HAR HAR.

  2. Adam

    You’re loyal readers demand to know what the caption says. I too was curious but my vision will not allow me to focus

  3. Lacy

    I managed to wade my way through the fineprint. Fine fineprint, as it were. Heheheh. The fibinacci (am I spelling that right?) was a nice touch. Although I’m not sure I can quite get fine enough detail through my muddled squinting to make out that locker combo. ;-) Pity, it would be really fun to engineer some sort of reverse-time-capsule and leave it for you back in the day. Of course, that would also require me having access to a time machine, and we both know how amok I’d probably run with one of those. Anyway, Merry Christmas! (I tried to give that two s’s. Hrm. What is the standard mass of a Christ? I am so going to hell. And evidently I leave comic comments like I always used to leave voice mails. Uhm… yeah, shutting up now.)

  4. admin

    Sheryls: I’m kinda curious to see what you filled in and where ;-)

    Adam: I’m not sure how people are reading it, maybe different monitor settings and/or quality. Mostly it’s just me rambling. Lacy’s comment mentions most of the specific points, as they are.

    Lacy: On the off chance that you get the time machine working, the combination is 32-22-8. The only condition is that you have to wait until 2015 and send a sports almanac in the reverse time-capsule, okay?

  5. sheryls

    ahhahaha – i miss you, lacy. :D

    talcott, my interpretation has been EMAIL’D.

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