Field Trip part 3
November 21st, 2008

Field Trip part 3

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Just once, I’d love to see Al Roker walk out to do the weather in a blue suit and yell “I’m the floating head of doooooom!”

I’ve watched him talk Voltron with Conan O’Brien. I’m pretty sure he’s geek enough to do it.


  1. Adam

    OK now I know you are talking about COSI. Before I wasn’t sure what with the T-Rex

  2. admin

    You don’t remember the animatronic dinosaurs? Granted, they weren’t permanent, but the touring exhibit seemed to come through every couple of years.

  3. Adam

    My first COSI visit wasn’t until like 92-93 ish and I only ever went a handful of times so I probably missed it. For me my biggest memory was the screen that recorded your shadow

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