November 14th, 2008


Those balls never bounce as well in reality as they do in my mind.

I think that what I’m looking for is flubber. From a vending machine in the grocery store.


  1. Adam

    A flubber vending machine would be very cool, though I would never want to be the guy that refills it. He would have to place each one in individually, If he tried to dump them in they would never stay in the machine.

  2. admin

    Even one at a time would be a problem though, because each time one ball hit the other it would bounce more and more. Although, I wonder if those egg shell things would be strong enough to contain a small ball of flubber.

    We may be on to something here. One of us just needs to find a way to invent flubber.

  3. Adam

    Also how would one get a ball when they pay for it. You turn the knob or push the button and it sends a ball flying. Who’s to say it ever comes out the slot.

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