California Dreamin’
October 3rd, 2008

California Dreamin’

I love overcast skies. How anyone can live someplace where it’s bright and sunny most of the time is beyond me.

Clouds have shape, definition, shades, and variety. Clear skies are just, well, blue. Then the sun blinds you.

For some reason, people seem to disagree with me about this.


  1. Aidan

    But what about clouds in a blue sky?

    That’s what we’re experiencing in Oxford today, and it is absolutely beautiful. Especially coupled with the cool autumn weather and the multi-colored leaves.

    (In short, I love autumn. That is all.)

  2. admin

    I’m okay with clouds in a blue sky, but they’re still not as nice as overcast.

    Cold autumn weather and multi-colored leaves are always good though!

  3. Adam

    I don’t know Talcott, so far I’ve had 3 days of grey. No sun or blue or anything and that might be just as dull as nothing but blue skies.

  4. admin

    But without the blinding sun, you can actually see everything else around you.

    I mean, I know that we need sunlight, but it’s so much more useful when it’s diffused through clouds.

  5. Tabitha

    So glad to see others share my love of cloudy, overcast skies, and the main reason being obscuring the blinding sun so you can actually think straight, see around you, and enjoy the day!

  6. admin

    There are a few of us. When we find more, we can start working on some kind of weather machine!

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