College pt. 1
August 25th, 2008

College pt. 1

Notice anything different?

It got lost in the color, but up until now I had been adding some gray tones before scanning the comics. As of this comic, I’m moving away from that and into a style with more line work. This means that I can scan the work as a bitmap, and gives me much sharper and darker lines.

Also, I forgot to mention it, but a few strips ago I hit 50 comics.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading (here, through RSS, and through the LiveJournal feed). I really appreciate all of your support, comments, and feedback.


  1. Katto-Chan

    You did a really good job on the dorm buildings… I could tell that you were drawing the BG dorms before I read the line about you talking about college. ^_^;;

    I like the new style. ^_^

  2. admin

    I’m pleasantly surprised by how many people recognized the dorms. I was worried that the angle would make them look a little too generic. I guess not.

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