Magic pt. 1
August 20th, 2008

Magic pt. 1

This takes place while waiting to see a play.
Not, as panel three may imply, in a time machine.


  1. diana

    Funny… that’s about the time I stopped playing, too. I sold off the vast majority of my cards long ago, since they’re all pretty much useless now, but I just ran across my old red and green weenie deck today while I was cleaning. Good times.

  2. admin

    I sold all of my good cards to buy RPG books.
    Just another step in geek evolution, I suppose.

    I do still have a green weenie/trample deck.

    I’m pretty sure that I should have a box of lands and commons at my parent’s house. Both my brother and I have scoured our old bedrooms and can’t find them.

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