Level Up
July 28th, 2008

Level Up

To be fair, I do feel like I’ve gained a couple of levels when I compare myself to this time two years ago.

If anything, this feels like the current season of “Talcott’s Life” is ending. The next season is going to be a semi-reboot of the series, with a new location and a largely new supporting cast (although your old favorites will be sure to make the occasional appearance). I think they’re even going to record a new theme song.

Not that any of this will have a direct impact on the comic. Given that more of the strips are memoir than journal, you can probably expect to see more grad school stuff soon.


  1. Adam

    In the onomatopoeia of MMO players everywhere *ding*. Congrats Talcott. I noticed you went for the nostalgia of 2nd ed and gave yourself quite a bump in the mental stats. Did you add any non weapon profficiencies?

  2. admin

    Yeah, even though I really prefer 3rd edition, THAC0 is much more iconic than “attack bonus.” I had to look up charts in my 2nd edition book so I could find something realistic. I forgot how counter-intuitive AC was.

    I’m not sure if I gained any new proficiencies, but I improved in ones I had. Unfortunately, there’s no good way to represent that in 2nd edition. Aparently I did gain a sword though.

  3. AlexM

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. admin

    I’ll do my best!

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